Staff Application
Job description

You'll start off as a moderator. As a moderator, you'll be interacting with the community on a regular basis, answering questions, keeping chat civil, and acting as an interface between the staff team and the community. You'll also have the pleasure of banning people who join and immediately start spamming, along with nuking spammers/x-rayers.

As a staff team, we have weekly meetings where we discuss the events of the last week and what the next steps are going forward. Many critical server decisions are made in these meetings, and as a staff member, you will have a not-so-subtle impact on how the server functions.

As such, we expect that you'll be willing to discuss issues at length, and come up with effective solutions. If you remain in the staff team long enough and demonstrate good technical skills, you may be offered a position as an administrator. As an administrator, you'll be actively maintaining the server, and you'll be directly involved in developing new content as well as other complex technical tasks.

To summarise, you will need to:
play on the server regularly (about one hour a day on average)
attend staff meetings (date/time may vary, usually every Sunday)
attend events (date/time may vary - this isn't as important, but still would be helpful)
defuse tense situations
gauge appropriate consequences for rule-breaking
answer questions about the server and Slimefun
interact with the community in other ways regularly

A couple of preliminaries. Please make sure that you meet all these requirements before applying.

That's all for requirements. I strongly recommend you save your answers to the application, in case the submission process encounters any issues, and for you to refer to in the future.
Most of these question are really open-ended, and there is very rarely a 'right' answer. We just want to get a feel for who you are and whether you would be suitable for the team, so just write down whatever you personally would do in each situation, and make sure to explain your reasoning. Some of the questions can be difficult to answer, so don't worry if you don't get everything.

Remember, the more detailed your responses are, the better! Good luck.

How old are you? You can give a range (eg: 14-16)

Are you comfortable with talking in voice chat?


Minecraft username

Discord username and tag

What experience do you have with moderation? This doesn't have to be in Minecraft. What challenges did you face and how did you solve them? What did your role in moderation involve?

Do you have any experience with Minecraft development or administration? Do you enjoy development/administration? What aspects are you good at, and what aspects could you improve upon?

Player A has built a large obsidian tower just outside Player B's (claimed) base. Player B is initially annoyed about the tower, but eventually decides that he likes it. As a staff member, would you give any consequences to player A, and if so, what consequences would you give them?

Player A, after erecting his tower, goes mining. You're watching him in vanish and suspect he might be X-raying. How might you recognise an X-rayer, and if you conclude him to be X-raying, what consequence would you give him?

Player B is then visited by Player C, who set a home at Player B's base. Player B doesn't like this, and rudely asks player C to delete it. Player C, enraged, starts swearing at Player B in public chat. Player B responds in kind, and the two continue hurling insults at each other for several minutes. You arrive onto the scene right as the argument is at its most heated. Unfortunately, no other staff members are online at the time. How do you go about defusing the situation, determining what exactly happened, and handing out appropriate consequences?

Two staff team member have a disagreement with each other and end up having an argument in voice chat before one of them leaves in a huff and blocks/ignores the other team member. As another staff member, how could you help to repair the relationship between them? What should both of them do to repair the relationship with each other?

You're a staff member helping to run a PvP tournament event with two other staff members. There are almost twice as many people as expected, and there are multiple issues with the arena causing unfair gameplay and allowing spectators to fight each other while not in the arena. Several people are complaining about the event, and chat is starting to get heated.The two other team members are struggling to manage the event. You're an administrator with access to all commands. You know how to fix the arena, but you don't know how long it'll take. You can also help with matchmaking or calming chat down. How do you decide what to do in this situation? What would be the most effective strategies, and why?

Alright, last scenario. Advertising is difficult. One idea we've come up with recently is referral rewards: if Player A invites Player B, Player A gets a reward. How could you go about implementing a system like this? How would you verify that Player B was actually invited by player A, automatically? What rewards should Player A get? Should Player B get any rewards? What are some issues that might come with this system, and how could you mitigate them?

Tell us about yourself. Introvert or extrovert? What's your opinion on the meaning of life? What's your favourite tea brand?