Builder Application
What will you be doing?

Our builders construct spawns and minigames. Although we have finished our third and likely final spawn, there is plenty of work to be done improving the spawns and building new minigames for events. There are currently several interesting projects on the TODO list, but there is comparatively little pressure to get them done, so you'll be building in a relaxed atmosphere with (hopefully) pleasant people. Aria_Night (aka QueenOfCurry) heads the build team and organises projects, but you will still have plenty of flexibility to work on what you want. The rest of the staff team also occasionally helps with builds.

A couple of preliminaries. Please make sure that you meet all these requirements before applying.

That's all for requirements. I recommend you write down your answers somewhere else first, in case the submission process fails somehow, and for you to refer to in the future. Remember, the more detailed your responses are, the better! Good luck.

How old are you? You can give a range (eg: 14-16)

Are you comfortable with talking in voice chat?


Minecraft username

Discord username and tag

What experience do you have with building? This can include experience on past build teams, building competitions, your own projects, or anything else you can think of. What challenges did you face when building these projects and how did you solve them?

Talk about your building style a bit. Large or small scale? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What would you like to learn, and what doesn't appeal to you so much?

Attach some pictures of your past builds. You can upload them to any image hosting website. We recommend or

Tell us a story (yes, this is open-ended, write about whatever you want)

Tell us about yourself. Introvert or extrovert? What's your opinion on the meaning of life? What's your favourite tea brand?