Why should I apply?

As a Minecraft server, we obviously don't have piles of money sitting around, and so the staff team is composed entirely of volunteers. None of us make any money off the server. You may wonder, then - what's in it for me, if not money?

We're not a company; we're a tight-knit group of volunteers who are in this for fun. We all love what we do, and there is a very real sense of community. Are there ups and downs? Of course. But I sincerely believe that you will, whatever happens, enjoy your time on the staff time. We operate with a flexible, largely horizontal leadership structure where every staff member is given freedom to play their strengths.

More concretely, this is an opportunity for you to develop yourself as a person. Our staff members have vastly different beliefs and experiences, and you'll be exposed to new ideas, new people, new perspectives. Through this you can improve your communication and teamwork skills, as well as gaining practical skills such as learning more about the infrastructure behind all the different services we run.

But most of all, we just hope you enjoy your time on the team. We hope that you learn something and find the experience worthwhile. Alright, that's enough rambling.


We're always looking for new talent to join our build team. Previous experience helps, but a passion for building is all it takes, so if you enjoy building, why not give it a shot?
Position open indefinitely
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Staff members

Staff members are crucial to the server's day-to-day operation. If you think you'd be enjoy being a moderator, go ahead and apply!
Position open indefinitely
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