We're a Minecraft server with automation, skills, custom-coded plugins, addons, and a fantastic community. Curious for more? Check out the features below.

Hundreds of new items and machines in a modpack-like plugin. Automate everything to your heart's content! 25+ Slimefun addons including Networks, Infinity Expansion, Galactifun, and much much more, including our own exclusive addons. 300+ hours of development on custom Slimefun machines, many hours of lore playthrough, and quality-of-life improvements you won't find anywhere else. Top-of-the-line CPU | 128 GB RAM
We place very few restrictions on logistics or energy systems. Automate to your heart's content.
Progress through a free rank system by crafting Slimefun items and gain perks as you rank up. Aurelium Skills is am McMMO-like skills plugin with our own custom items and custom-coded integration with Slimefun. Claim your land and prevent griefing with an intuitive golden-shovel method. Keep up with the server and send messages to the ingame chat from our Discord. Amazing custom terrain generation, made possible by the Terralith datapack. As you go through our ranks, you'll start to see mobs that challenge you more. With the additional challenge, you'll get additional leveled drops. The only thing you can find in our shop are strictly cosmetic. We're a completely not-for-profit server. Join our weekly events for escape rooms, PvP events, fishing contests, and the aptly named '2 idiots 1 fireball'. Drop by and get started at play.metamechanists.org, or join our Discord.