We're a Minecraft server with Slimefun, Aurelium Skills, custom plugins, tons of addons, a fantastic community, weekly events, no P2W aspects of any kind, Slimefun, and Slimefun. Oh, and did I mention Slimefun? Drop by at play.metamechanists.org and start automating!

Slimefun adds 500+ new items, no downloads required. Design huge factories, become invincible, go to space, and eventually automate everything. Play with the latest and greatest Slimefun addons, including Infinity Expansion, Networks, Galactifun, SlimeTinker, and 10+ more. Our development team adds new features regularly, from new machines, to QoL features, to custom rank systems. A changelog and roadmap can be found on Discord. A full list of addons and plugins can be found in-game with /plugins and /sf versions. Rank up to unlock new commands and abilities, such as coloured chat. Craft increasingly difficult Slimefun items to rank up. Find out more with /rank in-game. 16 cores | 4.7 GHz | 128 GB
We place very few restrictions on logistics or energy systems. Automate to your heart's content.
Events every week, both PvP & non PvP, with prizes. Battle your frenemies to the death in our custom minigames world. Drop by and get started at play.metamechanists.org, or join our Discord.